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DJ Culberson Endorses Ron Mueller for Commissioner

ELECTION DAY is April 16th
Your Voting Location


APRIL 8th  - 12th  8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Supervisor of Elections Office 119 W Kaley St, Orlando, FL

πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈWinter Garden District 2 APRIL 16th ElectionπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
Now is your chance to VOTE in the APRIL 16th Election for Commissioner, District 2. I am running for re-election as the independent voice of the board, ensuring oversight and accountability to our citizens.
If you have received your ballot, please mail it by APRIL 10th to ensure it arrives on time.
Is only available April 8th - 12th at the Election Office 119 W. Kaley Street Orlando, FL 32806. The City opted not to allow voting at the WG Public Library so you will need to go down to the Supervisors office in order to vote early.
Same as before! All 4 locations will be open 7 am - 7 pm.
Precinct 107 - Tanner Hall - 29 West Garden Ave
Precinct 108 - West Orlando Christian Center - 1301 E Bay St
Precinct 109 - Faith Family Community Church - 305 Beulah Rd
Precinct 132 - Oakland Presbyterian Church - 218 E Oakland Ave

"My opponents might outspend me, but they will never outwork me"


I've dedicated myself to enhancing Winter Garden's prosperity and development, actively transforming community feedback into sustainable growth actions while preserving natural spaces. My focus is on economic growth, affordable housing, and maintaining a vibrant community, evidenced by my perfect attendance and voting record. As an independent voice, I provide oversight and accountability for the board. I aim to continue advancing our shared vision for Winter Garden's success and expansion of affordable living through another term.

Let's revisit our shared achievements:

βœ… Saving Lives - Improved Winter Garden's safety by enabling the Fire Department to handle transports, reducing reliance on private ambulances, saving lives, and cutting costs in 2023.

βœ… Oakland Park - Saved residents $2,551,750 in liens, penalties, and interest left behind by previous developers 

βœ… Lakeview Reserve - Approved $800,000 to repair storm drains and provided an $800,000 interest free loan, saving Lakeview residents nearly $1,000,000

βœ… Valencia Shores - Advocated and motioned for the replacement of drinking water lines, sewer systems, and road be completed by April 2024

βœ… Cypress Reserve - Repair of the dry retention area

βœ… Lake Cove Pointe - Drove a successful campaign for the city to pay $35,000 for storm drain flow through the neighborhood's conservation area

βœ… Winter Garden Parks - Secured $25 million for Tucker Ranch Park, funded by donations to save tax money, proposed new dog parks, expanded Pickleball, and approved Astroturf for ballfields.

βœ… Downtown Parking - Co-Sponsored the Boyd St. parking lot with 19 Golf Cart Spaces and the Sunoco lot exclusive for Golf Carts. Resurfaced and striped the Rainbow lot

βœ… Turnpike Ramp - With your help, we stopped the construction of the Turnpike ramp at Avalon which would have worsened traffic in the area

βœ… Stopping Over Development - Prevented the construction of 66 townhomes on Avalon and halted the expansion of Circle K, maintaining its size and services. Opposed the development of 89 homes on Winter Garden-Vineland Rd and a 36-home project near Bixler Horse Farm to preserve the community's character

βœ… Helicopter Flyovers - Gathered my neighbors to protest the construction of a landing pad that would have created low-flying air traffic over local neighbors 

βœ… Avalon Road - Sponsored a mutual agreement with Orange County to resurface the road and turn over to the City of Winter Garden

βœ… And much, much more...Golf Cart expansion, traffic calming, agricultural zoning, nature preservation (thank you to the Bloom & Grow Society), and annexation of our roadways to have a voice in controlling traffic

Promises Made, Promises Kept

Our collective achievements underscore our commitment to Winter Garden's vibrancy. I'm not just asking for your vote but inviting you to join a movement that enhances our community's liveliness. By sharing our enthusiasm, supporting our cause, and proudly displaying your backing, we embody a united passion for Winter Garden. As an independent voice, I ensure oversight and accountability, making this campaign about our shared dedication.

Let's empower our community, together shaping a brighter, stronger, and more vibrant Winter Garden. Together, we can turn our dreams into realities!

Ron Mueller                                                                                                                                                                                                      Commissioner, District 2 Winter Garden

No culture wars. No extremism. Just a united community working together.

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